Captain James Lockwood

Lockwood is to command a draft of new men to join the regiment on foreign service, but only a few of the garrison wives would be allowed to travel with their husbands. Brigid Lockwood, grieved that her husband is once again leaving, joins her husband at the tense ceremony in which chance would decide which families would go overseas, and which would stay in Ireland. 

     "Some of the women in the crowd called out to her in Irish, and while James could not understand all they said, he heard her addressed with kindness and respect. And so Mrs. Lockwood came down the steps and joined the women of the draft, many of them smiling in welcome and gesturing for her to take the first place among them.

Brigid O’Brian Lockwood took up the dice. “God’s own luck to you, gentlewoman,” whispered the worn little woman behind her. Her Irish was of Donegal, sharp and quick.

     Brigid dropped the dice onto the drumhead, but before they stopped their bounce she covered them with her hand, and taking them back up she said in a strong, decided voice, “My husband shall journey far, but I shall stay in Ireland, with my children.”

     A wave of approval rolled across the crowd. Brigid handed the dice to the woman behind her, closely clasping, then kissing, the woman’s dirty hands. From the crowd there were murmurs of, “a soldier’s wife,” and Brigid stayed at her husband’s side, offering blessings and hope and condolence, as each of the wives steadily took her chance."




“A novel that rings true to the times in matters of honor, class and military service. Makes you want to break out the dueling pistols and have a go.”


-Woody Carsky-Wilson, Major (retired), US Army



“A sweeping historical drama that follows the return of a seriously wounded Waterloo veteran to his family in an Ireland seething with rebellion. As the family struggles to heal his failing body they are threatened by a mysterious madman from his past who could destroy their way of life.”


-Robert Burnham, Editor The Napoleon Series Website



“Bois has accomplished that very rare feat: he has written a sequel better than his first book. He demonstrates his attention to detail and his meticulous research that the readers have come to take for granted.  Bois will have you talking out loud while putting you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.  He is a true storyteller, making you think and feel as if you are part of the story.  You will devour Bois' second book faster than his first and have you begging for a third. Bois proves he is here to stay.”

                                                            -Colonel Brad Luebbert, US Army