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An interview with Lieutenant and Mrs. Lockwood

The nice people at HistoryImagined (https://historyimagined.wordpress.com/) have given me an opportunity to guest-post, using their format of a hypothetical interview with one of my main characters. Despite the endless hours I've spent with the Lockwoods, this is a new challenge. Oddly enough, I'm more concerned with what questions to ask them, rather than how they'll respond.

The HistoryImagined people have sent over some sample questions, one of which is "Which living person do you most despise?" Those of you who have read the novels know that's an easy one to answer.

So, I've found this great picture of a Irish public house to set the stage. Tea, wine, or whiskey? Will it be awkward at first? Brigid will open up easily, I think; James will be his reserved self.

Once I know it, I post the anticpated posting date on HistoryImagined.

Wish me luck.

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